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Feb 2018.

Exceptional Physical Therapy truly lives up to it's name. In just a few sessions I can now do (almost) anything I want to do and many things I was not sure I would ever be able to do again--all without surgery!

I would encourage anyone with pain to let them do Exceptional things for you. The staff is beyond "good", knowledgeable, caring, persistent and professional.


I think this therapy center is great. They take their time to get things right.

 - J.G.

From my experience at Exceptional Physical Therapy, I gained full use of my wrist. The staff was always friendly and helpful. I never felt pressure to do anything I just could not do. I will definitely recommend Exceptional PT to anyone looking for a physical therapy experience. If I ever need any physical therapy again, my first choice will be Exceptional PT.

- anonymous

I was completely satisfied with the way I was treated, first as an individual and second as a patient. The regimen I was given helped with my mobility and pain. I feel that if I will continue with the at-home exercises I was given, my improvement will continue as I had hoped. Each of the young ladies were very professional and friendly. I would recommend this place to anyone.

 - A. B.

The services I received at Exceptional Physical Therapy were beyond expectation. I was experiencing discomfort and weakness in my right hip. I had a full hip replacement approximately 20 months ago. After just a few weeks at Exceptional PT, I am now able to lift my leg much higher than I previously was able and with no pain or discomfort. Carrie Johnson explained not only how to do each of the exercises, but also the purpose of each one. She also explained how each muscle function helped with the workings of the hip joint. I appreciate her answering all the questions I asked and explaining in detail for me to understand why certain actions occurred. She even helped me with my posture and back muscles and spine. I would highly recommend Exceptional PT for anyone needing their services. The entire staff was very courteous and helpful during my visit.


I have been a client of Exceptional therapy on and off for a year and a half - first my hip bursitis with complete recovery from pain allowing me better range of motion. Then later for my knee - both before surgery and following knee replacement surgery. I have always found the staff knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. I have had incredible results from my therapy, enabling me to return both to work and to a positive lifestyle. I always look forward to my sessions. They regard my pain and difficulties with respect. They are a lovely group of ladies and complete joy to be with. I will absolutely miss interacting with them on a professional level but feel that I have made 5 very good friends and wish them the best with their future success!

  - anonymous

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